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Average cost of car insurance for teens
Updated October 27, 2014
Coverage and Factors that Affect Cost

Statistics show that teens are 22% times more likely to get involved in a car accident or get speeding tickets than people who are 65 years old or older. This explains why some parents are more often than not surprised when provided a quote for cheap teen car insurance from their insurance company. Since getting them a separate insurance is not advisable, shopping around for the best deals may not save you the money that you might expect from taking advantage of insurance competition. What you can do is bundle it with your homeowner’s insurance, or your own car insurance, if it is not bundled with any of your other insurance policies. But there are still ways to control the amount of money being funneled to your teenager’s single but important protection needs.

Your Teenager’s Driving History and Education

Parents would usually prefer teaching their own teenagers to drive. But sending them to a good driving school to get a professional driver’s education could really help them not only to avoid any accidents, but also to minimize the cost of getting them their own car insurance. Insurance companies will usually inquire about how the client learned to drive. So when your teenager has taken driving lessons and has received high driving-efficiency, asking for a discount is a feasible idea.

Vigilance in driving pays off in many different ways. Insurance companies also take a look at the client’s driving history. Any past history of collision or minor accident may negatively affect your chance of getting a lower cost. It’s also important to avoid filing for a claim for minor accidents like a busted side mirror or a scratched bumper. Frequent claims will only translate to you being a high risk client, or a bad investment.

Cost for male or female teen car insurance may differ notably. Education and age are also some factors that may affect the cost for a teen’s car insurance.

Cost Depending on Type of Car

If you’re a parent and you are thinking of giving your teen age son a car for his birthday, first consider the significant drawbacks of giving him the expensive sports car that he has always been nagging you about. Remember, the faster and more expensive the car is, the more expensive the premium will be. This is only a rational marketing reaction of car companies which we may instantly understand why. Also consider the fact that cars are the most risky properties to insure.

The ideal car for teens is anything but a sports car, or a car which could sprint form 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5 seconds. Consider some of these tips when buying you son a car to prevent you insurance bills from surging up more than you’re paying for your own car alone:

All he needs to have is a practical car that can bring him to places. And if you are concerned about the type and aesthetic significance of the car, this wouldn’t be hard since a wide range of affordable, practical, and safe cars are very much available.

Coverage and Protection

If you’re stuck to a fixed budget and would only want to have what your teenager would really need, here are two liabilities coverage that must always be included in the premium you are choosing. Note that these types of liability coverage may be required by law in some states.

Bodily Injury Liability
This coverage applies on any injury or even death for which the driver is responsible for. It also covers cost when the need for legal defense arises from another party filing a lawsuit. In choosing a premium, it’s important to consider the amount of coverage that you would be getting in case of accidents or other misfortunes. Expense coverage may apply separately per person or incident. But remember that this does not cover the client but only applies to the second party involved.

Property Damage Liability This covers any damage to any property like a public lamppost, another car, or even your neighbor’s dog. It’s an important thing to always keep in mind the coverage amount or the limit when choosing your premium to prevent you from making any out-of-the-pocket contribution or what is commonly termed as co-issuance. This is when you have bill out expenses due to insufficient coverage of your insurance limit.

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