Average Cost of Car Insurance for Teenagers
Teen Car Insurance
Find the Average Cost of Car Insurance for Teenage Drivers
What affects rates for teen drivers?
UPDATED March 1, 2015
To learn what the average cost of car insurance for teenagers is and how rates are figured, read the article below.

Based on the 2003 fatality analysis reporting system young drivers (young drivers are considered between the ages of 15-20) cause 8,666 deaths a year. Teenagers have had less experience on the road, and are often less confident about their abilities on the road, so it makes perfect sence that they would have a higher monthly premium.

The average cost of car insurance for teenagers is about $1,200 a year. Of course this depends on the kind of car, the use of the car, and other factors. But there are always ways to lower that cost. Teenage drivers who’ve gone through a driver’s education class will often have lower premiums than teenage drivers who haven’t. Going through a class, you will at least hear all of the information to make you a safe driver, while if you’re taught by your parents you may only hear their version. A lot of driver’s education classes also show raw footage of car crashes and the effects of a car crash that really cause the teenagers to understand the severity of their actions while behind the wheel.

Another major discount on teen insurance rates can received for good grades. If a teenager has a B-average or above they can get 15-20% off their premium, because it shows responsibility. A teen who spends the time to do their homework right, and study for their tests, should have no reason to spend a little extra time being safe on the road. Girls also tend to have lower premiums than boys because men, at any age, have a higher crash rating. Men also, on average, drive more miles than women in a year so there are more opportunities to get into a wreck.

If a teenagers insurance gets added to their parents policy, he or she will save a lot more money than if they decided to get a separate policy. Adding a teenager to the policy will normally double the premium, but in time the prices will go down. The longer a teenager has their license, the more experience they’ll obtain and therefore the better a driver they’ll become.

When it comes to cars, if the teenager drives a used car the costs for car insurance will usually be lower than if they were driving a new car. Also, the more expensive the car that the teen is driving, the higher the premium will be to cover the car. Although most teenagers would probably prefer a fast, sport car they do affect the cost for car insurance. The more horsepower a car has the high the premium will be, so if a teenager is driving an old, heavier car that is a lot less likely to be wrecked it can lower the costs of insurance. And avoid making small insurance claims. If you dented your fender a bit, pay for it yourself because letting your insurance company know that happened can raise your insurance cost. If you still need to lower the monthly premium, you can always raise the deductible. This could cut the premium for teenagers car insurance by 15-30%.

Then again, there are always ways that you can raise the cost of car insurance for teenagers. Of course, doing the opposite of everything I’ve covered can result in a larger premium, like if a teen never attended a drivers education class, or if they have poor grades… but if a teenager has a traffic violation their cost for car insurance can sky-rocket. And then, if a teenager goes a long time without a traffic violation their premium will lower. Time will prove whether a driver is safe or not, depending on any traffic violations.

Remember that when teenagers start out driving, they have a clean record. If they keep that record spotless, some insurance companies will lower the premiums each year. While there are always ways to lower a premium, the best thing a teenager can do is avoid traffic violations and drive safely. The average cost of car insurance for teenagers may still be $1,200 a year, but it’s up to the teenagers as to how much their premiums are.
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