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Updated on August 4, 2014
Average Monthly Cost of Insurance
Agents often get asked "What is the average cost motorcycle insurance"? Typically we would  have to respond telling people that the monthly cost of motorcycle insurance is affected by many factors. Here is a quick explanation of some of the things that affect on average how much motorcycle insurance costs per month.

Risk Factors

An insurance companyís only enemy is risk, though the business is established in the basis of danger and threat. So virtually everything, even the most incredulous detail that may result to an accident, which would cause the policy to apply, increases the cost of not only motorcycle insurance but also any type of insurance. With this being said, let us enumerate the factors that contribute to a higher risk.

High-powered sports motorcycles are more expensive to insure compared to less than notable motorbikes. The speed, power and acceleration rates are closely evaluated by insurance companies when asking for a quote. But this can be well-compensated with a good driving education and safety training course.

Your driving history matters. So try to keep a hold of yourself when an insurance agent provides you an over-the-roof quote if you have been issued several tickets in the past. This has nothing to do with generalizing or discrimination, insurance companies just donít want to make a bad investment. Itís very bad for the business. Your age and experience in driving a motorcycle is also considered in determining the cost for your motorcycle insurance.

Statistics of road accidents differ in every state. For this reason, the cost of motorcycle insurance also depends on your location. Your chances of getting a low premium in an urban area may be lower than if you were in the countryside. Cheap motorcycle insurance is easier to find in rural areas.

Your need dictates the price you pay, this is true in every situation including getting a motorcycle insurance quote. By default, motorcycle insurance covers liability costs including damage to property. It is important to know that in some states, before you can ride legally, a good motorcycle insurance policy with sufficient liability coverage may be required. Including collision and comprehensive coverage in your motorcycle insurance may result to a higher cost.

The Governors Highways Safety Association (GHSA) has reported a dramatic decline of 10% in motorcycle and motorcycle related fatalities in 2009. From a reported 5,290 fatalities in 2008 to 4,762 in 2009, this has been the first decline in 12 years. Yet this does not indicate a consistent decline in the coming years. There is still a high possibility of bikers and even innocent pedestrians getting caught in a motorcycle accident. Surely, this does not discredit the need for any safety precaution or incidental coverage such as motorcycle insurance. 

A Bit of Penny Pinching

If you see a flyer for a road safety training course for $20, take it and consider it as a good investment for you to get a discount in buying a motorcycle insurance. You can also tie it up with your other vehicles to get a wholesale price. Any safety feature such as an anti-theft system installed to your motorcycle and a low mileage also lowers the cost. Anything that prevents the insurance company from shedding good money to pay for a broken fence or an injured pedestrian will, more often than not, give you better chances in getting a discount and a good price, except for being a motorcycle club member which may sometimes work the other way around. Also, paying a higher deductible results to a lower premium.

It would be very difficult to provide an estimate as to how much motorcycle insurance would cost since it really depends on several factors and the inclusions. But to give you a ballpark figure, it can be as low as $20 and can be as expensive as $300. If you are still wondering how much motorcycle insurance cost, use the form above to contact a local agent. The average cost of motorcycle insurance changes from state to state so if you are wondering "how much is motorcycle insurance for my bike", the best thing you can do is enter your zip code above to find the average cost for your area.
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