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Average Monthly Cost of Life Insurance
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Updated March 1,  2015
Average Cost of Life Insurance by Age and Zip Code

“Today, around 50% of husbands and 28% of wives have no insurance coverage.”

A life insurance policy is probably considered the most important insurance coverage that any individual should have, especially for parents and other heads of the family. This gives an assured or temporary financial stability to the beneficiaries in the event that the insured person passes away while covered by the policy. Unfortunately, most of Americans are either under insured or have no life insurance at all. According to statistics, 50% of husbands and 28% of wives have no life insurance.

The average monthly cost of life insurance primarily depends on the health condition of the policy holder. A complete health examination is conducted by a life insurance company before someone gets an accurate quote. The age is also another factor. Older men may tend to have a lower premium than younger men. A healthy lifestyle is also being put into consideration; people who smoke may need to expect a high premium even if they currently have a good health condition. When examining and considering the factors that may affect the cost of life insurance, the level of risk takes half of the blame. A higher mortality risk equates to a higher cost.

The type of coverage and the length of the term directly affect the cost in two different ways. Coverage can come as two things: a death benefit provides the beneficiaries with a temporary financial aid to assist them coping with the change while an investment benefit is a more extensive coverage and financial aid by allowing the beneficiaries to receive constant income from stock and other forms of investments established prior to the death of the policy holder. Term life insurance only has death benefit, while whole life insurance has both death and investment benefits.  All companies offer cheaper types of life insurance (term insurance)  or more expensive types such as whole life insurance or a variable life insurance policy. Each state sets many of their own requirements for a life insurance company to offer a policy type within their borders, so the average rates can vary a lot by age as well as life insurance type.

Different Types of Policies Affect the Cost of Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance
When looking for a lower premium, term life insurance is an advisable choice. But beyond your budget demands, there are still a few things that need to be further contemplated upon. When it comes to coverage, term life insurance only provides temporary financial aid through death benefit. This type of life insurance also has pre-established term. If death does not come to the policy holder within the term, he and the beneficiaries will receive nothing. Price can change depending on the length of the term. And other insurance companies may allow an extension, retaining the terms of the previous policy.

Whole Life Insurance
Whole or permanent life insurance has both death benefit and cash value that can be refunded to the policy holder if the term ends and nothing happened. Part of the premium is stored and can either be cashed or be borrowed. Permanent life insurance can be classified into three:

Traditional Life Insurance has more fixed elements. The annual premium is fixed and a minimum cash value and death benefit is established in fixed context. Since permanent life insurance has earning capacity, the dividends can either be applied to increase the cash value and death benefit or lessen the premium.

Universal Life Insurance has varying elements. The premiums may change annually and only has a maximum cash value and minimum death benefit, and the exact cash value and death benefit will only be determined when the policy is effectively terminated or the policy holder dies.

Variable Life Insurance has the least fixed elements. Death benefit has a fixed minimum while cash value varies depending on the outcome of the investment. Policy holders have the opportunity to choose their preferred investment.

Depending on what type of coverage you want will have a great deal variation in what the overall average cost of life insurance per month will be. The best way to find a good rate is to talk with an agent directly about your needs.  You can contact an agent and get fast quotes about the average cost of life insurance in your home town by using your postal code in the form above. The average life insurance rates in your state may surprise you!

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