Updated Oct 27, 2014

Average Home Insurance Price

How to get the lowest price in your area.

Everyone wants to save money on their monthly homeowner insurance rates. There are several ways to do this even if you live in what may be called a “high risk area”. Average house insurance rates vary a lot so please read below to find information that may explain to you how rates may be affected in your city.

To best understand how the average monthly rates for homeowners insurance is calculated is to understand what it is the insurance companies do and take into consideration the types of risks associated with each area and the types of homes and lifestyles that can affect rates.

The homeowners insurance companies will set the average price for home insurance based on the geographic location, types of homes in the area, as well as the overall price value of those homes in that zip code. Things such as the construction of the home can also affect cost since brick homes are less likely to burn in the event of a fire. However, even though they are not as likely to burn, the cost to replace them can be higher due to the amount of labor involved in rebuilding a brick home compared to a standard stick built house. Therefore, the rates to insure them may be higher. The best way to determine exactly what the average monthly price for your home insurance will be is to talk to a local agent by inputting your zip code above and receiving a free quote. The agents in your local area will have an excellent understanding of the types of houses in your area, the income level of the people in your neighborhood as well as replacement costs for your style of home.

Another thing to consider when looking to find the average price of home owner insurance in your city or state, is what types of animals do you keep as pets. Different breeds of dogs such as Rottweilers, Dobermans, and Pitt Bulls can be considered dangerous or at least higher risk that other breeds. Due to this higher risk, the average monthly price of insuring your home can be somewhat increased as historically, these breeds to pose a slightly higher risk of causing harm to others. In these cases, where someone has been injured by a family pet, the homeowner insurance policy is the one that will possibly  be attacked by the lawyers. Because of this potential risk, the average home insurance price may be slightly increased if you have one of these breeds of dogs.

Another factor that can affect the average home insurance price is what types of crime are common in your area. If home robberies are common, and the replacement of your personal items may be a claim against your home insurance in the future, or at least the likelihood of that happening is high, the rates for your coverage will be higher. By installing things such as burgerler alarms, smoke alarms, and not having a breed of dog that the homeowner insurance companies consider 'dangerous', you can keep the average home insurance price as low as possible.

Enter your zip code above to get free quotes from agents in your area. You may be surprised at how low you can get the average monthly price of your coverage for your home.

Average Home Insurance Price

Average House Insurance Rates
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