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How to find the average cost of dental insurance - Estimates for procedures are below.

If you are employed, there is a high possibility that dental insurance is provided to you by your employer. In cases wherein you have to get it yourself however, choosing the perfect dental insurance only requires a bit of comparative thinking and budget management. Average dental costs without insurance have wide ranges for fees and services.

There is a wide range of coverage that different insurance companies offer depending on your needs and requirements; that is if you have an existing dental condition that requires specific dental care. Just like any other insurance policies, the cost would really depend on the deductible and coverage that you chose, and this includes the annual limit of cost that you are covered for. Discount dental care plans are becoming a much more viable option than the typical employer sponsored insurance program.  Providing average dental fees may be difficult since services differ a lot and dental prices and vary widely by state. There is a different type of dental coverage protection that may actually save you some money.

Discount Dental Plans
This is what a lot of people find more practical, convenient and most of all budget-friendly. A discount dental care plan such as the one offered on this page from Ameriplan USA is a cheaper alternative to dental insurance. As part of the package, it covers your routine dental care such as check-ups, cleaning, and other common services. It also shoulders, if not paid in full, the cost of dental emergencies and more costly dental care such as taking a root canal and getting braces or a crown. The benefit of having a discount dental plan instead of dental insurance is that you wouldn’t have to pay for a deductible and worry about annual limits. Though it would usually include common dental  services and procedures, such as implants, cleanings, braces, and fillings, it would still be important to check the coverage for anything that you might need which is not included. And in addition, check the names of affiliated clinics and doctors for either familiarity or proximity. If you’re trying to save money, you might as well save some gas while you’re at it.

Dental Insurance
This is the most common known dental coverage, and even other types of coverage are confused as dental insurance. Dental insurance is where you would have to pay a deductible (a certain amount that you would need to pay before the insurance company starts caring for you). An annual limit is also set. This differs in the type of premium you chose to take. It is usually around $1000. This is what it has been since the idea of dental insurance was conceived. If you are being offered a premium worth $20 monthly for a single member, and you know someone who pays $35 monthly, your coverage limit may be a little stumpy than that other person. It is a balance between cost and coverage. The higher you pay, the higher the limit you are allowed to spend. Average dental insurance cost may be around $15 to $30 monthly.

But it is not important to have a very high limit. What needs to be thought about is the possible amount of cost that may arise from a sudden tooth-related accident, or the expenses you make to cover dental visits, check-ups and other services that you take as a routine. Just be cautious about choosing a very low limit to prevent any out-of-the-pocket expenses that you might need to make due to your bill being too high above your limit.

Indemnity Dental Insurance
This seemingly unfamiliar coverage is very similar to dental insurance. The only difference is that you are allowed to choose any dentist you like and not choose from a list of accredited dentist and dental clinics. Add to that the fact that preventive dental services are usually reimbursed 100%. Yes, reimbursed. This type requires you to present receipt or any certification of service rendered to get your money back since it only pays a certain percentage of the bill, depending on the service or the insurance provider that you are with.

If you are self-employed, or your employer does not provide dental insurance, or you already have one but some of your family members doesn’t get any dental coverage, you can start by choosing which type fits your budget and needs. And when you have already decided on one, think of what premium to choose.

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Dental Service
Average Fee
Aug 15, 2009

Highest Fee
Aug 15, 2009
(95th percentile)

Single x-ray $19.50 $24.25
Bitewing x-rays (4 films) $63.21 $80.31
Complete Series of x-rays $137.32 $166.78
Panarex $133.52 $162.03
Adult cleaning and exam $95.52 $122.12
Child cleaning and exam $67.01 $88.87
Child's topical fluoride treatment $57.51 $67.01
Sealant per tooth $48.01 $62.26
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